Our Services

Our strategy and operations practice is consistently ranked #1 or #2 in the profession, achieving as much as double digit growth in select capability areas. Services include corporate strategy, customer and marketing strategy, mergers and acquisitions, social impact strategy, innovation, business model transformation, supply chain and manufacturing operations, sector-specific service operations and financial management.

Assessor Training

The purpose of this programme is to build the capacity of Public Service assessors to challenge existing training and development paradigms and conduct assessments that are outcomes based and contextualised for the Public Service and linked to the relevant Education.

Moderation Training

Moderator Training, Skills Development Facilitator and Education and Training and Development Program - Unit Standard: 115759NQF. Skills development providers can include organisations that provide training

MFMP Programme

Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP) A training programme designed to meet the requirements of the Minimum Competency Regulations (Gazette 29967, June 2007) and to enhance the skills of Financial Management Practitioners.


Training services include writing assistance and curriculum development for onground and online courses. Training solutions include off-the-shelf training programs, training for trainers, and provision of contract personnel.


I am a lateral and strategic thinker and hands on practical person, I have the ability to build relationships with various parties in order to develop and leverage opportunities


Providing management advisory services to the Provincial and Local Administration Departments on human resource related matters. Prior to this contract appointment


I have substantial years of professional work experience in the corporate sector spanningachievements as a business management development consultant


I have good Leadership traits of being able to guide and lead others to obtain the recognized objectives,Excellent communication skills Orientated in all general computer programming languages.

Our Skills

Based on one of the principles of the NQF system, facilitators merely facilitate the learning process,
whilst it is the responsibility of learners to gain in knowledge, skills and attitude.

Student Performance & Evalualtion


Stimulate and support skills development in small businesses


Assist new entrants into employment in the labour market


Promote skills development for employability


2018 Schedule Training Dates

Municipal Finance and Accounting: NQF Level 6-National Diploma Public Administration: NQF Level 5-Local Economic Development (LED) .

2018 Schedule Training Dates

National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices: NQF Level 6- Integrated Development Planning (IDP).

2018 Schedule Training Dates

Risk Management skills stand-alone programme-Ethics Management skills stand-alone programme-Assessor & Moderation